ClearGoal believes the key to future success is having a predictable forecast.

FMCG businesses that simplify pricing, trade promotional strategies and forecasting are set to gain improved future predictability.  

Questions – 

  • Are you a CEO uncertain of your businesses future performance and concerned with losing the trust of the board?
  • Are you a sales director spending too much of your time explaining a wildly fluctuating sales performance to both your customers and your boss?
  • Are you a CFO concerned with cashflow while fearing the potential impact of unfavourable retail agreements?

From long experience the answer is yes to these questions for almost all FMCG businesses.

ClearGoal helps senior leaders develop robust sales forecast, pricing, trade processes and whole of business forecasting. 

These processes enhance change management and give their teams control through improved systems and processes in – 

  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Consumer pricing strategy
  • Trade Promotion Management
  • IT/ERP implementation and business integration

ClearGoal does this by both designing our own tailored solutions or implementing industry leading solutions into business. Our systems have been developed with 20 years experience in fast moving consumer goods business in implementing forecasting solutions.

If you are committed to achieving a predicable future and therefore sustainable growth for your business, let us have a discussion.


 We give your business predictability