Most FMCG businesses are flying blind as they don’t appreciate pricing impacts along their value chain. Success requires an understanding of the complete value chain from raw material through to the end consumer. One sided retailer negotiations are now unfortunately the norm with the result of money being left on the table.

Understanding the value chain in which your business operates is an integral part of business planning and retail strategy. It is also essential when building long term enduring relationships to understand your trading partners perspective in order to achieve a profitable win-win outcome.

Introducing the ClearGoal Value Chain Model

The ClearGoal Value Chain financial model was developed to assist players at each stage of the marketing process to evaluate options and decision making up and down their Value Chain.

Whether for domestic or international markets, every link in the chain from producer at the farm gate to the end consumer can now be quantified.

The feasibility of entering a market with a new product launch or fine-tuning the marketing mix can be modelled. Multiple scenarios and “what ifs” can be explored prior to expenditure of precious funds.

An Essential Decision Making Tool

Industry bodies, large and small exporters, Government agencies and R&D investors now have a simple computer based tool to evaluate the impact of decision making on their value chain.

In industry, export, product development, marketing, sales and finance teams can apply the ClearGoal Value Chain model. It will assist Government and Industry bodies to allocate market development and R&D funds.