Whole of Business Planning

Having a reliable business forecast fails in most cases due to its disjointed nature. Often the very future of the company relies on bits of historic systems which are not compatible are incomplete and use obsolete data. ClearGoal develops a company wide integrated forecasting system to give confidence in the businesses future direction.

Our Processes

  • We integrate our trade promotion management, commercial planning and financial reporting to produce a whole of business forecast
  • We provide hands-on leadership, customised process design and up to date IT solution implementation and coaching.
  • We review your business strategic plans and can assist in fine tuning or developing the Plans.

Finance and Commercial Teams decision making

  • supply chain control and stock targets
  • ironing out peaks and troughs in volumes
  • determining the budget aspirational product volumes and contribution
  • producing accurate timely reports
  • cash flow security
  • training of commercial finance teams forecasting skills

Sales and Operations Planning

  • Consumer pricing strategy
  • Trade Promotion Management
  • IT/ERP implementation and business integration design the SOP process
  • Training of senior business leaders in SOP planning

Fundamentals of Systems design

  • Aligning corporate financial reporting to business needs and the SOP process
  • recommend and implement appropriate IT solutions
  • help consolidate data from several sources in a meaningful way,
  • Implementation of company wide forecasting solutions
  • acceptance of potential technology upgrades
  • Change management in planning culture
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Pricing & Trade Promotional Management

It goes without saying a critical element of business success is a strong relationship with the trade. This so called partnership in reality is often a one sided affair and built on a foundation mistrust.  ClearGoal knows the pitfalls of establishing a sound working understanding with the retail trade. We believe armed with market intelligence and our pricing and trade promotional systems you can put your relationship back on an even keel.

Sales & Operations Process design

  • design the SOP process
  • business diagnostics to evaluate current position
  • Identify gaps in capabilities
  • work with and coach existing team and resources

Sales performance forecasting

  • pricing process design
  • pricing strategy coaching
  • promotion planning and execution

Product analysis

  • margin, market and profitability analysis
  • new product introduction
  • product mix analysis

Trade promotion

  • retailer product and range negotiation
  • trade support and promotion planning
  • Volume forecasts
  • advertising spend
  • brand investment
  • Retailer profitability analysis

Value Chain modelling – for whole of industry analysis to develop pricing strategy

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Value Chain Strategy

Value Chain Strategy

Understanding the value chain in which your business operates is an integral part of  business planning and retail strategy. It is also essential when building long term enduring relationships to understand your trading partners perspective in order to achieve a profitable win-win outcome.

The ClearGoal Value Chain financial model was developed to assist players at each stage of the marketing process to evaluate options and decision making up and down their Value Chain.

Whether for domestic or international markets, every link in the chain from producer at the farm gate to the end consumer can now be quantified.

The feasibility of entering a market with a new product launch or finetuning the marketing mix can be modelled. Multiple senarios and “what ifs” can be explored prior to expenditure of precious funds.

  • Quantifying the bigger picture of your industry Value Chain is a key element in pricing strategy
  • Requires analysis of your value chain from raw material supply to processing, wholesaling, retail and consumer
  • Understanding each step allows informed decision making and the ability to model to interrelationships
  • Retail pricing strategy is derived from the interplay between each link in the value chain
  • Whole business forecasting is enhanced once the dynamics of this fundamental building block are quantified
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